How to work effectively with a difficult boss


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    Key Books

    Problem Bosses: Who They Are and How to Deal With Them

    Power Freaks: Dealing With Them in the Workplace or Anyplace

    How to Defend Yourself from an Abusive Boss: The Formal Complaint Process

    About Us

    Survey results indicate that approximately 40% of employees have had to deal with a bad boss. Further, a Gallup survey of over 1,000,000 employees found that the most prevalent cause for people leaving is their immediate supervisor and that poorly managed workgroups are an average of 50% less productive and 44% less profitable than well-managed groups. Clearly, bad bosses are a significant problem for their employees and their companies in terms of innovation, turnover and profits.

    First, what it's not. is not a showcase for inappropriate or unethical tactics to get revenge on bosses. It's not a place to make specific comments about a particular boss or organization. It's not a site for complaining and whining. It's not for people who won't accept their responsibility to analyze and understand their boss's negative behavior and to develop a plan to deal with the situation and improve it while they are there. provides the latest news on bad bosses along with relevant resources to assist people in:

    • Understanding and analyzing their boss to develop an action plan
    • Protecting themselves safely
    • Reducing their boss's power over them
    • Achieving career success in spite of their boss.

    The site is also relevant and useful to corporate and public-sector leadership.  It can assist bosses, executives and board members in monitoring key news relevant to the behaviors of bad bosses, their impacts and solutions.  Leaders will also find key resources focused on their needs and responsibilities.  This site can help reduce the costs of bad bosses borne by the people who work for them, their companies and shareholders.  And, overall, we should stress that is not an "us-and-them site."  It designed as a comprehensive resource to help not only staff but also management deal with bad bosses.

    Visitors can easily comment on each of our news items and resources, or participate in our discussion forums.

    In terms of the actual site content, only constructive, balanced and pragmatic news and resources will be presented on this site. Further, all comments are monitored and any containing references to specific individuals or companies will be removed.

    Disclaimer: by using this site, users are agreeing that under no circumstances will be responsible for any information contained in or omitted from the site; and any person's reliance on any such information, whether or not the information is correct, current or complete and the consequences of any action you or any other person takes or fails to take, whether or not based on information provided by or as a result of the use of this site. is updated constantly so, in addition to visiting the site, you may want to either subscribe to "Badbossology Headlines" or our RSS news feed that automatically delivers news updates to your desktop.

    We invite you to have a look around and let others know about us. And content submissions and feedback are welcome.

    Lastly, we want to go on the record about the importance of supporting and acknowledging good bosses. No one is perfect so we shouldn't expect perfection from a boss. Bosses are often juggling numerous and sometimes intense stressors themselves - some of them we are aware of and often many we are not. If you have a less than perfect boss who's heart is in the right place, there are likely to be politically savvy and sensitive ways to help him or her and improve yourself in the process.


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