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    my ex boss is preventing me from getting a new job

    Posted by: blanket
    Date: 5/6/2011 9:27:59 AM

    i was a receptionist for this construction co. for 3 years and was bullied daily by both my bosses (the owners) and the office manager. i have pretty tough skin so i put up with it for awhile..mostly bc i needed the office expierence on my resume! even though when i started, i told them i have a special needs son that requires me to leave work early or miss it from time to time, they constantly picked at me about it. i worked my butt off there but nothing was ever good enough for them. a week after i started, one of my bosses asked me if i felt comfortable lying!!!! wtf. and he said bc he needed me to lie for him sometimes. i mean really, who does that!? my other boss walked around like he had a stick up his ass. they always looked for reasons to get me in trouble too. well im very opinionated, so they always got an earful. finally, i was pushed to my limit when the office manager lied to my boss about me leaving work early one day to go to a meeting. i defenitely told her about having to go to this meeting, twice actually, and she straight lied to his face and said i never told her. i got up and walked out 30 minutes after he asked me about it. sure, they forced me to quit and got what they wanted but i have a slight anger problem and had to get outta there before i did something i'd regret. now i'm trying to get a new job and have applied to at least 100 places that are defenitely hiring and i've gotten no phone calls back. i have a great work ethic and am very knowledgeable in a broad range of things and my resume reflects that. i'm pretty sure my exboss is saying bad things about me (he doesn't care bout the law) and that's why i'm not getting calls back. what should i do????

    Reply from: LegalSec
    Date: 5/14/2011 9:14:00 AM
    Reply: Go Temping for a while. The employment agency will send your ex-boss a reference form to complete and under the Data Protection Laws you have a right to see any representations they make. Over the summer you will be able to provide holiday cover and by September you will either a perm job out of it or and handful of firms able to give you a reference.

    Reply from: chakitabanana
    Date: 5/7/2012 1:09:00 PM
    Reply: Control your temper and remember to never stoop to their level. If they are trying to upset you and make you quit why would you feed into it? You must decide what you need to do over what you want to do. IF you had simply gave your notice and did not just walk out you would not be having these problems. Do not add this company to your resume or add it with a friends number so they can give you a good reference. Not moral, but you need a job.

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