How to work effectively with a difficult boss


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    Key Books

    Managing Upward: Strategies for Succeeding With Your Boss

    Managing Multiple Bosses: How to Juggle Priorities, Personalities & Projects, and Make It Look Easy

    Tongue Fu! : How to Deflect, Disarm, & Difuse Any Verbal Conflict

    Should You Sue the Company?

    "Question: I think I have a good discrimination lawsuit against my company. But I once saw a co-worker sue and lose everything — his job, home and marriage. Is there any way to tell when it's worth the risk?"

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    User: anonymous
    Date: 12/16/2005 12:28:00 PM

    I think its worth the risk... I just recently got fired on december 15, because on dec. 14 i found out my pnemonia/broncidus was the result of working in a rig tank (invert) washing with high pressure diesel wash guns, found out that later i could die due to benzene poisoning, also lost 13 days work so i called up wcb after i found out it was caused from my exposure. They told me to alert my boss of my claim... following day i was fired. sure i only worked there 2 months but my health is more important then a company who doesnt care for me so i say SUE THEM BASTARDS and make sure other peoples health and saftey is not jeoperdised.. Lawyers arround get ahold of me thanks

    User: anonymous
    Date: 10/18/2006 1:51:00 PM

    I worked for a landscaping company for three years.I didn't work in the winter though,it was there idea.I come back in late march ready to work.It was 12 hour days for a month and a half,while the owner did nothing but complain.So i ask to go home prob they say.the next day i get a call saying there is no work for the next two days.I come into work wednesday 5/09/06.and i'm told i'm fired because the owner isn't making enough money warning,no nothing.not even a reasonable explanation/

    User: anonymous
    Date: 11/9/2006 11:51:00 AM

    i worked for a company for a year and a half the owner sold then the new owner let me go and kept everyone else who worked 40 hrs a week and then tried 2 move me 2 another buisness he owned said he would call and give me a schedule but never did and then left a voice mail on my phone saying he didnt think this would work out , now i am depressed unemployed and feel i have been treated unfairly and i dont knowwhat 2 do

    User: anonymous
    Date: 1/1/2007 10:07:00 PM

    I work for a reputed bank with 175 billion $s in assets. I am not an American. I am on my workpermit. And i have been made put thousands of hours of overtime with no direct pay. I was given bonus and stok options but its no where compared to the amount of overtime i put. What i do?

    User: anonymous
    Date: 2/20/2007 5:55:00 PM

    I was working as a contract welder for this company and every friday nite we have our poker game.Then 2 days later I was fired for having a beer in (which i did not)a dry camp job.The owner came into the safety meeting and made they annoucement that I was being fired and then started to explain himself for his reasonings (bullshit). Everything I have learn was all hearsay .Is this defermation of character.

    User: anonymous
    Date: 3/14/2007 11:47:00 AM


    User: anonymous
    Date: 6/15/2007 12:40:00 PM

    I worked for one of the biggest retail companies in the world.I moved up quickly w/ the company receiving awards,praise and pay increases.When I was sent to this one store, I saw multiple bad issues.When I tried to resolve them my superior would stop me.I believe he did not like me b/c he knew that I was GAY-although it was my business.He did not accept me and what I was trying to accomplish for the store or anything.I contacted some agencies to ask questions.Then I was fired.Just like that.I continued to persue agencies...but it has been a long process......

    User: anonymous
    Date: 7/20/2007 3:42:00 PM

    I have seen this advert in gumtree (Sales person needed) so apply for it and i got the job, i worked there in 3 weeks and boss fire me because i came late, however i havent got paid for term i ve worked. the company is quite big, is based in oxford circus. Burlington newidexperience.. i want to sue those fuckkers,. so is that any reason i can do that.. lawyers, solicitor, contractors, TUC's academics, philosopher PLEASE HELP ME OUT.. my email is

    User: anonymous
    Date: 8/7/2007 7:59:00 PM

    I work for the bigget company in USA,I been there more than 10yrs the last month I got accident use debur knife cut my left arm. They took me to emergency room to get 10 stiches,the doctor let me off two days,then I come back to work,but they did not pay me for two day when I off,so that any reason I can sue them ,and then what do I get.Please help me my e-mail

    User: anonymous
    Date: 8/27/2007 8:15:00 AM

    I have been having many problems with CVS pharmacy. On TWO SEPERATE occasions they exposed my film in the photo department and lied to me about it telling me that MY camera was damaged. The manager then told me that worker was at fault and there was nothing wrong with the camera. When I went in to ask for the mananger the supervisor was very rude and told me it was not his problem and had nothing to do with it. I complained about him to the store manager and a few days later went in to take a passport picture and he refused to take care of me, then yelled at his employee in front of the whole store for giving me and my husband to much attencion! PLEASE let me know what I can do. Please email me asap

    User: anonymous
    Date: 10/8/2007 10:26:00 AM

    Should I sue? I have opened packages of gum like forever, but this past Friday when opening to get a piece the tinfoil put a cut in my index finger,and I haven't been able to use it since Friday.Please advise me

    User: anonymous
    Date: 10/20/2007 11:57:00 AM

    Hey guys, you're not supposed to post your email. Can't your read?

    User: anonymous
    Date: 10/31/2007 11:37:00 PM

    I bought a refrigerator from a store over 1 month ago and am still to be refunded my money. I have been to the store seven times and still no resolution. Should I sue them for all the trouble I'm going through?

    User: anonymous
    Date: 5/7/2008 8:50:00 PM

    I prepared my dinner, i had rice with turkey kalbassa, i cut the kalbassa in cricles on top of my rice. I was watching a nice movie and i was eating at the same time when i hear craaack in my mouth. i thought it was my teeth but i found that it was a small peice of rock and it hurt badly. Can i sue the Kalbassa meat compnay or i can't do anything about it.

    User: anonymous
    Date: 6/9/2008 2:05:00 AM

    I work in the receiving at lowes.Ive been there for about 3 months,My store manager had told me twice not to wear my gym shorts. Ok. no prob. I forget one day i wear them again, while in a store meeting i notice the manager stands behind m while the human resource manager is giving her boring speech. All i the sudden i feel my shorts being pull down to my ankles.Penis exposed to all of my co workers. Can you Imagine. So I play it off and gave a little smirk. Pulled up my pants. turned around to nearly beating the death out of this 32 year old man. I went to jail for it for assault and battery.But Can i sue for humilation. I had ta Quit my job because of this. People would not stop harassing me at work.I lost my home, my car,and now me and my wife and our 2 kids live at the salvation army. Because I cant find a job that will hire me with an assault charge on my record. Im not going to ask if i can sue lowes ..Because I can and I will..I just thought everyone should know how unprofessional lowes is. LOWES BLOWS Thank you.

    User: anonymous
    Date: 6/22/2008 10:57:00 PM

    I recently slipped and fell on wax they laid down on the floor at my work, and landed just below my rib cage, and leg. Their doctor (the only one I can see, according to my employer), says xrays ok, mri ok, but they want to send me to a "specialist". Dr's have given me pain medication, but to no avail. I am in pain, and plan on telling the Dr. I need to be off work further. Have never done this before, so I do not know the process, or what kind of success I might have. I do not know the rules or my rights. Would appriciate any honest advice from someone legitimate. Thank you,

    User: anonymous
    Date: 7/14/2008 12:14:00 PM

    please help me with any information you can give me. In 2002 i was at my work station when a girl came to my workstation yelling at me about something she had heard i said so i yelled back at her, i was 4 mnoths pregnant and fired on the spot, i have not been able to find adequate employment since then is there anything i can do ?? the girl was not fired

    User: anonymous
    Date: 9/13/2008 8:45:00 AM

    Can't find a pro-bono lawyer. EEOC sent me a letter of determination in my favor against my employer. If conciliation does not come to be I want to sue them. How can I do this by myself in the state of Florida?

    User: anonymous
    Date: 9/16/2008 1:27:00 PM

    I worked for a company for 3 years and I left 2 months ago. The comapany is using my image in their website and in their marketing materials (brochures). Can I sue the company for using my image without my permission and specially still using it after I left it? Thank you so much in advance.

    User: anonymous
    Date: 9/24/2008 1:22:00 PM

    some of these are just ridiculous

    User: anonymous
    Date: 9/24/2008 1:23:00 PM

    PRIME EXAMPLE - Should I sue? I have opened packages of gum like forever, but this past Friday when opening to get a piece the tinfoil put a cut in my index finger,and I haven't been able to use it since Friday.Please advise me. SOME PEOPLE HAVE REAL ISSUES AND NEED REAL HELP!!! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    User: anonymous
    Date: 9/29/2008 7:56:00 PM

    Hi, I am staying in Alpharetta,Goergia and using the Gorgia poer as my electric company,i observed that i was getting much more electric bill which i should not get , so i analysed and check that they are charging me for someone else meter and when i spoke to them that you are charging me wrongly , so they adjusted my bill partially but they didn't adjust fully and denying to do that,Please advice me should i sue them for harassing me ?

    User: anonymous
    Date: 10/8/2008 9:49:00 AM

    I have worked for a MAJOR company for over 10 years.Recently i have been applying for management positions within the company and have been passed up for less qualified people or people outside the company. I am a top producer in the company and have a great attendance record.Everything is in line for me to be in management but i dont believer the district Manager cares for me. Is there a case here?

    User: anonymous
    Date: 12/20/2008 2:53:00 AM

    my dad has worked at an agricultural company for 20 years and he was laid off supposedly because there wasn't enough labor to go around but we have doubts because the supervisor had something against my dad for sometime now approximately one year all because of some false rumors he heard... can my dad do anything about it?

    User: anonymous
    Date: 1/3/2009 12:21:00 PM

    I have worked for a banking company for 3 years and my direct manager started harrassing me (and others) because I made a complaint against him to HR. To date, nothing has been done and after an alleged company investigation they told me that the manager did not do anything to me. I filed a complaint with the EEOC and I am waiting for a hearing, it has been 4 months.

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