How to work effectively with a difficult boss


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    How to Work for an Idiot: Survive & Thrive-- Without Killing Your Boss

    Coward's Guide to Conflict

    When Smart People Work For Dumb Bosses

    How to deal with a boss who is a bully

    "Are you in a work situation where your boss is a bully? Unfortunately, this is not unusual and can cause a lot of distress on the part of the employee. The other frustrating part of having a “bully boss” is that the current economy is not allowing for a lot of job change; so, you may feel rather stuck in your situation."

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    User: ano708
    Date: 4/5/2011 11:55:00 PM

    I am in a situation where my supervisor is a terror and gets on to me about every little thing. I am a perfectionist as it is and when she gets on to me about not putting paperwork in the proper order before sending it to corporate I mess up more! And that is just ONE situation... it gets 7 times worse. It is killing me messing up! I hate her with a passion and I don't know why she gets onto me so much? I work at an apartment complex and we have carport systems, but our apartment complex has more apartments than carports. I improved the carport list and she made fun of me for it. Said that, "If you want to make silly little lists, then when we can get rid of some of these vacants I can give you all kinds of silly lists to type up if that's what you like to do." I am a very smart woman, and I know for a fact that I can do my job. I am just not sure that when she is always getting on to me that I am capable of doing the simplest task. I had my first anxiety attack two Saturday’s ago… when I don’t know what to do I panic! What should I do? I get sick, literally, when I THINK about going back to work the next day. I hate my boss!

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