How to work effectively with a difficult boss


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    Key Books

    The Bully at Work: What You Can Do to Stop the Hurt and Reclaim Your Dignity on the Job

    Work Smart: The 250 Smart Moves Your Boss Already Knows

    When Smart People Work For Dumb Bosses

    In A Toxic Job But Need The Cash? 5 Ways To Survive A Stressful Workplace.

    "Do you go in to work every day, wishing in your secret heart that you were going almost anywhere else instead? Are there aspects of your job – your boss, your co-workers, the general culture, the customers, a crazy workload or your remuneration package – that render it distasteful and unpleasant to you? If so then you’re almost certainly not alone – there are many people out there who feel the same way."

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    User: been there
    Date: 9/27/2010 9:22:00 AM

    To All Anonymous: GET OUT NOW! I was in a verbally and sometimes physically abusive marriage for almost 20 years. We had 2 kids and I had no way to support us. One day, I looked in the mirror and wondered how I had come to this? I no longer cared about anything except my boys. I decided to fight back. Very dangerous... I almost ended up dead. At the end, I stopped speaking to the a$$ unless he asked me a question, then I answered as briefly as possible. This went on for the last year in the marriage. I completely detached, and no beatings or verbal abuse can fight against that. He knew I was leaving the minute my boys graduated from high school and I never said a word. So he left me for his best-friend's wife (ha!). I have been with a wonderful guy who is caring and supportive (and even good-looking!) for the last ten years. How did I get so lucky? I took the first step... ownership of myself. I am overweight and not so pretty. No matter your weight or your looks, you can be loved. First, you have to love yourself. Forget revenge, forget making him sorry... I haven't spoken to that a$$ in over 10 years, even though we share grandchildren now, and sometimes I forget that whole bad segment of my life even happened because I am always moving forward. Get out, get a job, get some exercise, and you'll be amazed at the butterfly you have become!

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