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    Can I be sacked?

    Posted by: kirsty91
    Date: 8/23/2011 3:46:38 PM

    Several months I ago I dropped out of university and my work record was a mess, I was late all of the time, and my absence record was shocking! And it was all because of really serious family problems, I made my excuses because I didn't want to discuss it with my employer, and eventually I was called in for serious meetings! The meetings really gave me a kick up the backside and I realised how bad things had got, so I moved out of the house where there was trouble, and tried really hard to prove to everyone that I was responsible enough to change.

    I have not had a single late or absence in months, I have been working all of the shifts that nobody wants and I have been doing all of the rubbish work with a big smile on my face to try and show how much the job means to me.

    Then today I had a meeting about re-enrolling into university, I thought that I had enough time to make it to the meeting and then work (for a shift that had only been dumped on me yesterday). But I realised I was going to be late and called my counter in advance to tell them that I would be there as soon as possible. Then when I got in work I apologised to the other staff and notifed a line manager that I was now starting my shift. But in my haste I forgot to log in. I wrote an apology in the diary to my supervisor and also changed the rota to the time that I came in..

    Now my manager is launching an investiagtion into my employment, claiming that I have sunk back into my old ways and that I tried to hide the fact that I was late by not signing in- but if I was hiding this fact why would I have left notes in the diary for my supervisor.

    Now I am absolutley devastated about all of this, can she sack me for this because of my past? Because I have made every effort possible to change, and the situation I found myself was unavoidable, if I'd have walked away to get to work on time I would have forfitted my place at University!

    Reply from: goodboss
    Date: 8/24/2011 9:22:00 AM
    Reply: You sound like you're in the UK. Unfortunately this is a US site and US law is very very very different from UK law. I recommend you post your question on a site specializing in UK employment law, such as

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