How to work effectively with a difficult boss


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    Key Books

    What Your Boss Doesn't Tell You Until It's Too Late: How to Correct Behavior That Is Holding You Back

    Your Rights at the Work Place: The Things Your Boss Won't Tell You

    How to Work for an Idiot: Survive & Thrive-- Without Killing Your Boss

    New book lifts the lid on workplace bullying

    "A recent survey* has shown that bullying in Britain is endemic – for one in four people, it is a weekly or even daily occurrence and the cause of stress. Over 80% of people have been bullied at work and a third of those have become so stressed they have seriously considered leaving the UK to work abroad."

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    User: sweetus
    Date: 5/26/2009 3:34:00 PM

    I think when you have been in the cluches of one bully boss i think it is easyier to be shot down by another. Or perhaps its just me I was begining to wonder. I was so confident when i came out of uni then i went to work with a bi polar control boss and now i find it hard to stand up to my self.

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