How to work effectively with a difficult boss


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    Key Books

    You Don't Have to Take It!: A Woman's Guide to Confronting Emotional Abuse at Work

    Managing Multiple Bosses: How to Juggle Priorities, Personalities & Projects, and Make It Look Easy

    Coping With Difficult Bosses


    Material on understanding and dealing with inept and incompetent bosses. (Resource suggestions encouraged.)

    Bad Bosses: What Kind Are You?: Time to Face Your Reports - BusinessWeek

    "The day of reckoning has arrived. Your leadership skills need an overhaul, and I've detailed why in the following slides. Any of these shortcomings sound familiar?"

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    Dealing With Incompetent Leaders

    "As a mid-level employee, you’ve been working for the ACME Company, a manufacturing firm, for the past two years. Your job performance has been solid, and on occasion, even praiseworthy. However due to the current economic conditions – poor profit earnings, massive layoffs and company restructuring, you now find yourself working for a new boss. Ordinarily reporting to a new leader would not pose a real problem but this time it feels different -- management practices have changed. The team environment has been transformed from one of true collaboration, honest dialogue and a commitment to problem solving to one where backstabbing, finger pointing and plain fear are the norms. Congratulations – you are now under the control of an “incompetent” leader!"

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    Working With An Incompetent Boss

    "Virtually everyone on the organisational spectrum has had to cope with an incompetent boss, and the higher up that person is on the organisational ladder, the more difficult the problem becomes."

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    Use Care With Inept Boss

    Advice from career specialist Joan Lloyd in response to a letter seeking pointers on how to deal with an inept boss.

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    Managing An Incompetent Boss

    "We've all heard horror stories of the boss from hell, or had first-hand experience with a difficult boss. These stories usually don't have happy endings. However, there are some things you can do to improve your working relationship. Learn what they are in this guide."

    Email Link  |  iFaveIt  |  Comments  |  Read:

    What To Do When Your Boss Is Incompetent

    "Most IT pros have dealt with an incompetent boss at some point, but the situation is much more involved when that boss is the CEO. Columnist Bob Weinstein offers CIOs tips on dealing with what is often a frustrating and politically charged scenario."

    Email Link  |  iFaveIt  |  Comments  |  Read:

    Dealing With Incompetent Leaders

    "So what can you do to protect yourself and survive working for an “incompetent” leader? Here are some quick tips:"

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    What to Do If Your Boss Is Incompetent

    "The signs of incompetence can be likened to headlights on a pitch-black night. They’re unavoidable. Common clues include:"

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